Using Digital Forensics to Aid in Criminal Investigations

Using Digital Forensics To Aid In Criminal Investigations
Using Digital Forensics to Aid in Criminal Investigations

With each passing day, our world becomes more and more digital. New technology is being developed almost daily and if you aren’t using some type of technology, you are already behind. Almost all employers require their employees to be fluent on a computer or smartphone. There is no getting around it.

It’s even affected how crimes are committed. Most crimes we see today can be traced back to a digital piece of evidence. Even if it’s a robbery on the street, there may be video surveillance nearby, or often times the criminal will use the victim’s cellphone or credit card to make a purchase. These can all be traced back to find the perpetrator.

In court cases, digital forensics are often key pieces of information. In some instances, in order to leave no digital footprint behind, the criminal would have to be a hacker mastermind. Unless you are dealing with a cyber attack, in normal criminal cases, digital footprints can be easy to track. Data and files pulled from computers are always time-stamped. Browser history can be pulled and even emails can reveal a lot more than your criminal would want you to know.

It’s important to remember that what is sent out into the cyberworld is generally traceable. So if there is anything you don’t want the world to know, it’s best not to send out an email or text about the subject. Even cellphones can tell the story of a crime. From time-stamped texts messages to GPS data, it can tell us exactly where you were and when. Cell Phones are the best way of finding out the victim’s last known whereabouts and sometimes even the criminal’s whereabouts if they are using the victim’s phone.

So what’s the best way to decode this information for a criminal investigation? That’s where your digital forensics team comes in. Our team here at Liberty Business Associates is skilled in working with Lawyers and Government parties to decode files and encrypted information. From criminal investigations to divorce cases, let our certified examiners at Liberty handle your digital forensic needs. Schedule an appointment with us today at 843-329-1991.

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