Protecting Your Mobile Device From Hackers

Protecting Your Mobile Device From Hackers
Protecting Your Mobile Device From Hackers

Smartphones have become a way of life. They can do amazing things and are essentially tiny computers that we stuff into our pockets or purses to carry everywhere we go. However, what most don’t recognize is that there is a need to protect your information on your mobile device, just as you would protect your regular laptop or PC. Smartphones often hold more personal information and are potentially more valuable to hackers. Is your smartphone protected?

  1. Always keep your device password protected. This means you have a password to unlock your phone, another password to listen to your voicemails, and you are never storing passwords to accounts on your device. If you can automatically login to your email or bank account, this means a potential hacker or thief could do the same if they got into your device.
  2. Change your password frequently. Just as you need to update your secure login to your company computer or change your email password, you should also update your smartphone password. Be sure to make the password something that no one would be able to guess.
  3. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. When using Wi-Fi make sure you are on a secure network. If you are using free Wi-Fi, it is best to not log into any secure information, such as a banking app. When browsing the internet, avoid clicking on any advertisements or articles that do not come from a credible site.  
  4. Only download reputable apps from your device’s app store. If you are interested in an app, read the summary and reviews before installing. Avoid downloading apps that ask for access to personal information.
  5. Do not open any attachments or click on any links from someone that you may not know. This includes links sent through text messages, email, or through social media sites.
  6. Avoid jailbreaking your apple device or rooting your android device. Jailbreaking or rooting can open your phone up to vulnerabilities, such as malicious malware, that could otherwise be prevented.
  7. Download an antivirus app. Check your app store to see what is available and remember to check reviews before downloading.

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