Digital Forensics in the Court Room

Digital Forensics In The Court Room
Digital Forensics in the Court Room

The first instances of digital forensics showing up in the courtroom was in the mid 80’s. We’ve come along way since then in deciphering crimes using digital forensics in a court case. Technology keeps moving fast, so Lawyers need to be front-runners in understanding what digital forensics can do for them in their cases. It’s not only valuable in criminal investigations, but also other types of cases, such as personal injury cases due to car accidents, or any cases where technology could have been cause for distraction.  

In car accident cases, it can help identify the exact cause of the accident if a cellular device or smartphone is to blame. In other cases, digital forensics have pinpointed incidences of google searches on how to commit certain crimes that were then carried out in real life. The most common instances of digital evidence start with the computer or smartphone. Phone logs, email logs, and any correspondence via instant messaging can be pulled from said devices. However, with the rise of the Internet of things, the digital forensics landscape is expanding.

Any device connected to the internet can be used for communication and should be investigated. These new devices that are now a part of the internet of things, include smart tv’s, smart refrigerators, GPS devices, and other household devices that have a wireless connection. This would also include office equipment such as copiers, scanners, and fax machines. When looking into someone’s digital footprint, we can’t forget their online presence, which includes all social media profiles, chat rooms they may be a member of, and their personal and professional email accounts.

In some instances, digital discovery can be recovered without a device. Certain devices or programs, such as computers, smartphones, and social media discovery can be obtained without the device in possession. If there is ever a question about obtaining evidence from a device, the digital forensics team at Liberty is here to help. Our digital forensics team stays up-to-date on technology advances and is skilled at finding digital evidence across all devices.

If you have a case where digital evidence could be involved, contact us to set up an initial consultation. Our Certified Examiners have experience in computer and mobile forensics, E-Discovery, and incident response guides. If you decide to work with Liberty, you will also receive a detailed summary explaining the digital evidence that was re-claimed. In most cases, if there is suspected digital evidence, it’s there and can be recovered.

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