Protecting Your Company from Employee Wrongdoing

Protecting Your Company From Employee Wrongdoing
Protecting Your Company from Employee Wrongdoing

How much time, effort, and money does your company spend protecting itself from external threats online? A strong network security policy is imperative; you must have an external firewall, virus protection, malware protection, backups, redundancy, access controls, and separate networks. But what about the people you trust enough to hire and give full access to all of your company information? Hopefully the hiring process will eliminate the majority of the risk, but what about that small percentage that may get through? That one bad employee can do irreparable damage to your company.

What policies and procedures does your organization have in place for employee wrongdoing or staff misconduct? Insider threat is growing at exponential rates and companies need to be on top of this issue to protect the future of their business. Be proactive and make sure you’re not one of those companies that thinks it won’t happen to them. If you’re not prepared, playing catch up after the fact is twice as expensive and half as effective.

Do you have a policy for acceptable use of company-owned technology? These issues should be addressed with your employees for both company-owned equipment/networks and personal devices used access company data. Not only would this improve understanding of the risk among employees, having the signed agreement will protect your company in the event of a breach.

What does your IT team do with company technology when an employee leaves or is fired? Do they re-issue the device to another employee? What happens when you find out months later that the former employee stole critical company information? Unfortunately, the evidence you had when they left has now been unintentionally compromised by the new employee.

Access to digital forensics services can be a valuable asset in your defense against internal threats. Our Digital Forensics Team at Liberty can assist your company in being prepared for the unexpected by offering the following services:

• Capture forensic images of company devices upon employee departure
• Store the image for an agreed-upon amount of time
• Conduct a full analysis of the stored forensic image in the event misconduct is discovered
• Remove existing data from devices and reformat hard drives for quick re-issue to other employees
• Determine who/where company information was sent and uncover external devices that may have been used to steal data
• Uncover deleted data and unlock encrypted files

Don’t leave yourself open to known vulnerabilities. The Digital Forensics team at Liberty is here and ready to help. Contact us today for more information.

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