So You’ve Been Hacked- What’s Next?

So You've Been Hacked- What's Next?

Unfortunately, cyber attacks happen all too often. From to bank and email accounts to personal data stored on devices, millions of Americans are hacked every year. We often think it won’t happen to us, so we’re even more caught off guard when it does. What steps should you take following a hack? Here are a few tips to help.

Retrieve accounts

If you have been locked out of an account- whether it’s email, Google, Facebook, or more- it’s a pretty sure sign that it has been breached. If this is the case, you need to get your account back as soon as possible by contacting the service provider. You will likely fill out a form or speak with a representative that will validate your identity and personal information.

Reset passwords

After getting access to your account back, it’s time to reset the password. This means a completely new password with a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and capitalization. Try to think of something personal that would be hard for someone else to guess. Be sure to change similar passwords for other accounts as well, and never use the same password twice.

Notify friends and family

It’s a common scam for people who have access to your email to contact your friends or family acting as you. Be sure to notify your contacts not to open any emails from you sent during the time of the hack.

Check bank statements

You should check all of your accounts following a hack, but checking a bank statement to make sure your bank account wasn’t hacked is perhaps most important. This is often one of the main accounts hackers try to access. Check for any unusual activity, and alert your bank if you believe your information has been compromised.

Update software

It’s likely that malware or a hacker was able to get to your information through your machine. Update your software and malware detection systems. The most recent versions of computer software and anti-virus and malware systems offer the best possible protection against future hacks.

Try to figure out what happened

Once you have retrieved access to your accounts and changed your passwords, it’s time to take a step back and try to figure out why you were hacked. Was there something you could have done to prevent the breach? Have you been taking enough precautions with your personal information and accounts? When you find the answers to these questions and better understand the reason behind a hack, you will be better prepared to prevent a breach in the future.

Sometimes even the best-laid defense plans fail, but there are strategies you can use when a breach does occur. If you continue to have problems after following these steps or want to find the source of a hack, Liberty Business Associates can help. If you have any further questions, visit our website to contact us.

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