Our quickly changing digital environment requires experts that are on top of the latest technology and have the ability to gather the digital evidence needed. No matter what kind of data you are looking for, Liberty’s Certified Examiners have you covered. Our Digital Forensics team offers a blend of military, law enforcement, and technical backgrounds to deliver a multi-disciplinary approach to Computer and Mobile Forensics.  Office locations in N. Charleston, SC and Franklin, TN.

Whether you are looking for existing or deleted data, our experts can find the critical evidence relevant to your particular case. Forensically sound practices along with court-accepted hardware and software are used with the anticipation that any case could go to trial. Target data are protected by hardware write-blocking technology to prevent any alterations. Your case will be processed efficiently and thoroughly and you’ll be provided with a professional, detailed report.

Computer Forensics

Liberty uses the most advanced software and hardware to conduct investigations on sources such as Laptops, Desktops, Servers, and Removable Media. Operating System types include: Windows, Mac OS & Linux.

  • We uncover, collect, and analyze
    • Deleted files and file fragments
    • Standard directory files
    • USB device activity
    • Hidden files
    • Internet history
    • File access history
    • E-mails and deleted e-mails
    • Passwords, Logs and Login IDs
    • Password-protected files
    • Temporary files
    • Encrypted files
    • Searches performed
    • Network traces
    • Time stamp information
    • Timeline reconstruction link analysis
    • Conduct employee monitoring

Mobile Forensics

Our examiners perform Mobile Forensics on IOS, Android, and Windows Mobile phones and tablets using court accepted hardware and software.

  • Mobile Forensics Services Include:
    • Collection of app data
    • Timeline reconstruction
    • Link analysis
    • Recovery and analysis of deleted data
    • GPS log decryption and data extraction
    • Social media app analysis
    • Decryption of data
    • E-mail, SMS, and MMS recovery and analysis


  • Our services include:
    • Data identification support
    • Preservation and litigation hold consulting
    • Data mapping
    • Collection from most mobile devices including iOS and Android
    • Collection from social media sites and websites
    • Full disk bit stream copies of desktops/laptops, mobile devices, network file servers, etc.
    • Targeted collections of specific directories, file types, keywords and date ranges
    • On-site collections from any file and operating system, legacy to current
    • Remote collections monitored by forensic examiners

Incident Response Guide

If you suspect that a computer in your organization may contain important evidence follow these guidelines to help ensure that no data or evidence is lost due to improper handling.

  • Stop using the computer or device immediately. Any use may damage and/or alter the evidence which may be present on the suspect device/computer.
  • If the suspected device/computer is turned OFF do not attempt to turn it ON.
  • If the Computer is ON, do not go through the normal “shut down” process. Call Liberty Digital Forensics immediately for instructions on how to proceed.
  • Do not allow the internal IT staff to conduct a preliminary investigation.
  • Keep a detailed Log of who has had access to the suspect device/computer, what has been done on the suspect device/computer, and where the device/computer has been located since the dates in question.

Meet the Digital Forensics Team

Rodney Van Horn
Digital Forensics Examiner

N. Charleston, SC Office

Rodney Van Horn is a Digital Forensics Examiner for Liberty Business Associates, where he has been employed since October 2016. He is a retired Police Officer with 23 years of law enforcement experience including 11 years in the field of digital evidence. Rodney has been qualified as an “expert witness” in digital evidence for numerous state trials and has testified in Federal, State, and Municipal courts. He contributed case work to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, State Attorney General’s Office, and SC ICAC Division. He also has experience working with Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester County Solicitors’ Offices along with several local Municipality Prosecutors’ Offices. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and holds an AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) Certification. Additionally, he was recognized as the 2015 Knights of Columbus Officer of the Year for contributions to police investigations involving digital forensics.

Michael Scholz
Digital Forensics Examiner /Assistant Facility Security Officer

N. Charleston, SC Office

Michael Scholz is a Digital Forensics Examiner for Liberty Business Associates, where he’s been employed since May 2014. Since joining Liberty, he has obtained his ACE, CCLO & CCPA certifications and also serves as the Assistant Facility Security Officer (AFSO). Michael is also a Registered Private Investigator Employee in South Carolina (RD211311). He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from The Citadel, where he focused his studies on Forensics and Computer Crime.  He is also a member of the Greater Summerville / Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce.

Home, please!

Dean Fowler
Digital Forensics Examiner/Facility Security Officer

Franklin, TN Office

Dean Fowler is a Digital Forensics Examiner for Liberty Business Associates, where he has been employed since 2011. He has 10 years prior law enforcement experience and additionally serves as Liberty’s Facility Security Officer (FSO). Dean holds a Master’s degree in Education from Southern Wesleyan University, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sports Management from the College of Charleston, and is also an AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE), Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst & Logical Operator (CCPA & CCLO) and a Licensed Private Investigator (SC License # 3206 & TN License # 8079).  He is also a member of the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce.